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How to convert OBJ to PNG

I need to convert OBJ to PNG. I can use the SDK or cloud API for batch processing.
OBJ is not listed as supported file format in the Aspose.CAD cloud documentation.
Aspose.3D supports OBJ as input, but not PNG or JPG as output.
So, what is the right way to convert OBJ to PNG?

Additional question: is there any size limit for the OBJ file? The free online converter (https://products.aspose.app/cad/conversion/obj-to-png) has a 100 MB file limit: does this limit apply to the paid plans as well?



I am afraid there is no direct option to convert OBJ to PNG in Aspose.3D Cloud API. We have logged a ticket(THREEDCLOUD-62) to investigate and implement your requirement.

Meanwhile, you may try the conversion with the collaboration of Aspose.3D Cloud API and Aspose.PDF Cloud API. First, convert OBJ to PDF using Aspose.3D Cloud API and then convert PDF to PNG using Aspose.PDF Cloud API. However, please note, currently, we only support standard U3D and embedded 3D content in PDF. The PRC and U3D with RH Mesh extension are not supported yet.


Aspose Cloud APIs support processing a file upto 100 MB in size. If you face any issue with a file =< 100 MB then we please share it here for investigation.