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How to Convert MS Excel Spreadsheet to PDF with Flutter SDK?

Hi. How i can convert exel to pdf with flutter sdk?
And how i can get total pages of exel documents?
Thank you

1, Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK does not support flutter. But Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK supports kinds of language. e.g. Dotnet, Java, Python and so on. Please refer to https://products.aspose.cloud/cells/.
Aspose.Cells Cloud APIs support converting excel to pdf. Please refer to https://docs.aspose.cloud/cells/convert/.

By the way, There is Aspoe.Cells Cloud SDK open sources on GitHub. we are enclosing GitHub links:

  1. Now, Aspose.Cells Cloud does not Api which gets total pages of Excel documents? If you need, we can add a new API that supports the feature.