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How to Convert 50,000+ HTML files to XML

I have a project to convert 50,000+ html files which currently are in SharePoint to XML
1st - If we give access to our SharePoint, Will Aspose do the conversion from html to XML for us?
2nd - How long will it take for Aspose to convert 50,000+ html files to XML?


We are looking into your requirement and will guide you accordingly.


Unfortunately, we do not currently support HTML to XML conversion. However, we would appreciate it if you would please share a sample HTML file along with the expected XML. We will evaluate and plan feature support accordingly.

@tilal.ahmad Thank you for you response. Its a plan text html (not tab limited) to plain text XML. Do you know another company who provides such service of conversion from html to xml?


As requested above, your source HTML and expected XML will help us to address your requirements exactly. Secondly, I am afraid I have not used any other application/service for the conversion, you can Google it.

@tilal.ahmad i have reached out to the business unit for sample html and xml files and i ll send them your way when i get them. Meanwhile, i heard that Aspose.Cells and Aspose.PDF products can convert html files to xml. Please Advise?


Thanks for your feedback. I look forward to your sample documents. Secondly, as stated above, currently we do not support HTML to XML, only Aspose.PDF supports tagged PDF to XML conversion.