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How to apply conditional formatting Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to PDF conversion with Aspose.Cells REST API

Attached is an Excel file (zip) and the resulting PDF file. The conditional formatting that hides the cell borders in Excel is not applied in the PDF.

The method used is

The options sent are


12345-Doforms-Test_5255608.pdf (42.7 KB) (8.1 KB)


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

We are able to reproduce the issue at our end. We have logged the issue (CELLSCLOUD-10126) in our internal tracking software for our development team to fix this issue. We will update you here as soon as the issue is fixed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


We are pleased to inform you that your reported issue has been fixed. Conditional formatting that hides the cell borders in Excel applies to the generated PDF.

Input File: (8.6 KB)
Output File: 12345-Doforms-Test_5255608.pdf (42.7 KB)