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How many api calls are needed in your scenario?


I checked out Aspose for Cloud and it looked promising on the first sight. Unfortunately it looks like this would be even more expensive than using the standard licenses for our use case.

We want to create Word documents from scratch. Means we want to build up the document step by step. First we need to configure the document properties and set some styles and then we add section by section, paragraph by paragraph and run by run with different formatting/configuration for many of them. Is it correct that every modification of the document (like setting a document property, setting a style, adding a section, adding a paragraph, adding a run etc.) would be one distinct api call? Means, we would end up with multiple hundred api calls per document creation? (Since we have documents with 20 to 150 paragraphs with different formatting etc.) Or can we somehow build up the whole document in our code and then make one api call to “create” the document?


Yes, your understanding is correct. Each API call will be charged as a separate credit.

No, I’m afraid it is not possible.