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How customize WordPress exports with templates using Aspose.Words Export WordPress Plugin?


I’m looking for documentation on how customise my wordpress post export to docx.
I can read in the plugin description :

  • Customize exported document layout using Twig templates.
  • Templates allow fully customized exports.

But I can’t find any settings screen to achieve this.
Could you help me please ?



Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Words Exporter WordPress Plugin. We are looking into your requirement(WORDPRESS-284) and will guide you shortly.


We will add articles to customize the output templates in our plugin documentation in near future.

Meanwhile, to customize the output templates, you can open the plugin folder and go to the templates folder, where we have posts.twig and post.twig. You can edit these two template files in your favorite code editor. The list of available template variables is given inside the templates. To learn more about Twig template engine please visit https://twig.symfony.com/.


Thank you for your responses. But I’m looking for enhance the layout of the generated doc with specfics fonts, margin, spacing, colors, etc… I’m affraid twig templates can’t help me to do that ?
Do i’ve another way to do it, like specifing a open office template maybe ?

Thank again for your support.


No, I’m afraid it seems it is not possible using Aspose.Words Exporter WordPress Plugin. However, we are further investigating the issue and will conclude it shortly.


As stated above changing the formatting of generated Word documents is out of the scope of the plugin. Our plugin converts WordPress posts and pages to Word documents and lets the user download them. We try to preserve formatting as well as content during the conversion process. To get the most of our plugin, you can format your post including fonts, colors, etc. using some WordPress editor and export the post into a Word document.

However, if you want to enhance/change the layout of generated Word document programmatically you may use Aspose.Words on-premise or Cloud API as per your requirement.