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How Can I Convert Picture to Text in PHP via Aspose.OCR REST API?

My main 3 steps/tasks are like

  1. Load .tiff image in m chrome browser with zoom in zoom out and also can rotate it
  2. Get coordinates of all the texts from image
  3. Highlight specific text from particular image using the coordinates

These all 3 above task can do via aspose any demo for it?

Do i need to purchase aspose for above 3 stuffs? Please make sure i want it only in PHP / LARAVEL.

Can i do second and third steps via API and if yes then how can i do it in PHP can anyone give me proper guidance on that?


When you convert a picture to text in PHP with the Aspose.OCR REST API, you can get the coordinates of the fetched text. OCR Cloud using resultType parameter. However, I’m afraid that currently we do not support the PHP SDK of Aspose.OCR Cloud. We have logged a ticket(OCR-3030) for it. However, meanwhile, you can use the Aspose.OCR Cloud API via cURL in PHP.

Unfortunately, the Aspose Cloud APIs do not support highlighting text on an image.