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How can I check ASPOSE cloud server status?

Yesterday it looks like ASPOSE was having “SQL” issues which prevented me from executing any calls or even logging in. Yet when I checked the status on the site, everything was showing green. Is there a better way to check the system status so I can get accurate information and not waste time trying to figure out whether it’s my code or something else?

About 8 hours later I got the following response to my post asking about ASPOSE status…
“Please check now, it should work. We have some issue with our SQL server, it was very busy. We have re started it and investigating the issue to avoid this in future.”


We’re working on this matter to make sure such situation does not happen again. I apologize for the inconvenience you had to face due to this. We’re also working on, not only proactively, managing any such unusual situation, but also providing our customers with proper information.