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How API Calls are charging in Aspose Cloud API Pricing plans for document processing?

If we are to purchase a pricing plan for Saaspose, we need to understand the difference between Inclusive Documents and Other API calls.

We are looking at a hosting Microsoft documents on cloud storage such as S3 or Dropbox and using the Saaspose API services to manipulate them.

We expect to upload 1-100 documents a month into the cloud storage using your storage APIs and have several thousand API calls for such operations as downloading charts from the Excel documents.

Are the limits on the pricing plans per month? Or total? If we are hosting documents on Dropbox and not using your own storage presumably there is no limit to the number of documents we can store.

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Hi Steve,

Yes, you can store as many documents as you want on any supported storage but you can process the number of documents within your plan limits. Additional documents will be charged separately.

If you want to call 10 APIs against a single document, it will be counted as 1 document and 10 API calls. You can call as many APIs against a single document as you want, every API call will be counted in number of API calls but document count will remain the same. Any new/updated document you process, will be counted in the number of documents.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have further comments or questions.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz
Support Developer, Saaspose Sialkot Team

When you say API call do you mean all API calls. For instance, if I upload document to my S3 storage (1API call let's say) then create a web application to extract the charts from that document to render on a web page, every call to .../cells/sheet1/chart/0?format=png&storage=S3Bucket will incur an API call against my monthly allowance?

If this is so, then I will quickly use up my credits (e.g. 5000 API calls a month).

The reason I ask is that I am implememting a Dropbox solution whereby clients are storing their live documents that are updated regularly. I need to use a saaspose like API to render the charts from the live data. I'd rather not poll the documents in my server-side code and generate local images that I serve to the web application instead - whilst it might reduce the API calls it does create some latency.

The other alternative is to upgrade to premium account where there are umlimited API calls. Baically, I need lots of API calls but not many documents (at the moment).

Please advise.

Hi Steve,

I've attached at Spreadsheet which I hope clarifies things a bit more. Essentially there are "Document API" calls which come off your Inclusive Document allowance, and then every other type of call which we count just to ensure Fair Use. On the spreadsheet the entries in Bold are those which come off the Plan allowance.

So a call to Render a Chart from a Excel Spreadsheet would incur a call against the Document Allowance, whereas other types of call like initially uploading the file, renaming it, altering a value in a cell, would not. Typically rendering, converting, exporting etc. are the most resource intensive and also usually that is the output which is most important to users so that's what we base our plans on.

What I would suggest is why not sign up to a Business Plan - experience shows this is a good starting point for majority of customers with scenarios like yours - then we can then monitor your actual real-world usage by sending you some logs and help you work out the best value long term plan.

Best Regards,
Billy Lundie
Venture Lead

Hi Steve,

Did the last suggestion from our team regarding plan selection helped you? Do you need any further assistance from our end? If you need any help while getting started with Saaspose API, please do let us know and we'll be glad to help you.

Thanks & Regards
Shahzad Latif
Saaspose Support Team.