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How a document processing charged in Aspose Cloud Pricing Plan?

Hi Guys, I was told by support to ask this question over here. For the cloud API, is the definition of a document the pptx or the individual slide?

If I convert a 50 page deck would that count as 50 documents or 1 document?



Hi Pankaj,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

have observed your requirements and like to share that count depends on
number of operations and not on slides. Like if you convert a
presentation to PDF, it will be one operation no matter how many slides
are there. Where as, if you intend to generate the images of
presentation with 50 slides, it will involve 50 operations for that. So,
the count depends on number of operations. I hope this will clear the
concept to you.

Many Thanks,


Thank you for your enquiry, and yes, your ‘50 page deck’ would count as one operation or document.

Kind regards,