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Health Status of Aspose Cloud REST APIs

We are receiving this error message back from Aspose when doing a REST API request:
{“Message”:“An error occurred while updating the entries. See the inner exception for details.”}

There are not messages thrown in the “my usage” API usage log. The last message in there was about 10 hours back.

This means that we are unable to generate any documents, which is business critical.

Can you please investigate without delay?


We are sorry for your inconvenience. We were facing some issue with our production database, it is already fixed. Aspose Cloud REST APIs are working as expected now.

Please post your future Aspose Cloud related queries in forums.

Hello Tilal

This outage caused us 5 hours of downtime in our Business during office hours in Australia, which is not acceptable.
We have SLAs to provide documents (that are paid for) within 2 hours maximum, hence this is damaging our customer relations.

Could you please advise

  • How we can have visibility on Aspose downtimes? While this was happening, I checked the status page on your website ( and it wrongly stated that “All systems are operational”. Can you ensure that your status page at least reflect what the true status is? In fact, today it states that “no incidents” were reported yesterday, whilst we had 5 hours outage? Is this status page really in use and updated?
  • How we can expedite problems like this when we are well aware that it outside business hours in the United States? Would it have helped if we had a Paid support agreement in place? According to your website, it is guaranteeing a 24 hour response. Given that Aspose is business critical to us, 24 hours of outage can cause severe damage to our Business.

We are generally satisfied with your product but incidents like this are really worrying given that we had no contingency options hence that part of our Business came to a halt.

I look forward to your response.


It seems you are checking instead of As per my knowledge, status page has accurate information. Yesterday, there were two server outage incidents, that affected APIs availability. However, we will double check the server logs to confirm whether all the incidents are reported on the status page accurately or not.

Usually such incident occurs very rarely. We understand the server outage issue’s sensitivity, we take the server issues as a high priority task and start working on them straight away, whether reported by a paid support customer or free support customer. Paid support is only useful when you need some fix/feature in any API on high priority.

Please also make sure that you are using API URI instead of

Hello Tilal

Thank you for your reply.
I did not realise I was checking the wrong status page - apologies for that.

Yes, these incidents occur rarely, but when they do, it is quite devastating to our Business.
I wish you could really appreciate the impact of a client-facing service down for hours during peak business hours.

Anyway, you can close this ticket.
Thanks for your help.
regards, Mari


Thanks for your feedback.

We are truly sorry for your inconvenience. We have already escalated the issue to the next level and taking necessary measures to avoid server outage in future.