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Get Word Document Statistics with a single Call

@tilal.ahmad, thank you for letting me know about that!

Would it be possible to get the full stats that word provides (including character count, etc.) like in the following screen shot word-stats.png (122.5 KB). And would it be possible to get these stats by including the file in 1 API call instead of having to upload the file before calling GetDocumentStatistics()?

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Thanks for your inquiry. Please note currently Aspose.Words Cloud provides Total WordCount, ParagraphCount and PageCount of document and pages as following(sample response). However, it does not provide lines and character details. We will log an enhancement request here for your requirement. We will appreciate it if you please share your sample document here, it will help us to address your request exactly.

  "StatData": {
    "WordCount": 137,
    "ParagraphCount": 15,
    "PageCount": 2,
    "FootnotesStatData": {
      "WordCount": 0,
      "ParagraphCount": 0
    "PageStatData": [
        "PageNumber": 1,
        "WordCount": 104,
        "ParagraphCount": 12
        "PageNumber": 2,
        "WordCount": 33,
        "ParagraphCount": 3
  "DocumentLink": {
    "Href": "02_pages.docx",
    "Rel": "self"
  "RequestId": "Root=1-5e8b6c57-383b16e89c6abdeed5c6cf38"

Currently you need to upload source document to storage for statistics. For your requirement, we have logged a new feature request WORDSCLOUD-1135 in our issue tracking system. We will update you as soon as it is resolved.