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Generate PDF From Word Documents in PHP Using Aspose.Word API Render Incorrect Fonts

We generate PDFs from Word documents using Asponse.Cloud. For about the last week some of our templates are producing PDFs with the wrong font. No changes have occurred in the templates or our configuration. The problematic templates only contain the Arial font.

PDF_Font_Issue.png (68.3 KB)


Do you mean the conversion was working fine a week ago?

Please share your input document with us. We will test the scenario and will share our findings with you.


The first time I have noticed the problem is 2 June 2022 15:34 GMT +1000 and it was still occurring as of 6 June 2022 12:49 GMT + 1000.

It is an intermittent problem.

I have attached:

Our clients are very frustrated with this issue and we need a resolution ASAP.



I have converted your input document to PDF and unable to notice the issue. Please share your sample code along with the data file as well. We will further investigate the issue.
Templatedocxtopdf.pdf (74.0 KB)


The issue only occurs intermittently. I have provided 2 examples of when the issue occurred. The PHP code we use is:

Sample Code to Convert Word Document to PDF

$api = new WordsApi($asposeSid, $asposeKey);
$mergeRequest = new Requests\ExecuteMailMergeOnlineRequest(new \SplFileObject($templateFileName), $dataFileName, true, 'UnusedFields,UnusedRegions');
$mergeResult = @$api->executeMailMergeOnline($mergeRequest);
$convertRequest = new Requests\ConvertDocumentRequest($mergeResult, 'PDF');
$pdf = $api->convertDocument($convertRequest);


Thanks for your feedback. We have logged a ticket WORDSCLOUD-2034 to investigate the issue. We will keep you updated on the issue resolution progress within this forum thread.

Hi @tilal.ahmad,

Please provide an update on this task.



The issue investigation is still not completed. As soon as we finish the investigation we will share an update with you.

@tilal.ahmad a week has past since the last update. Has the investigation been completed?


The issue is still pending for investigation in the queue. We will update you as soon as we complete the issue analysis and conclude the root cause of the problem.

@tilal.ahmad 2 weeks have past since this issue was raised. How long do you expect our clients to put up with a faulty system?


Please note product team schedule the issues’ investigation and resolution on first come first serve basis. Currently, your above reported issue is pending for analysis in the queue. We will update you via this forum thread once there is any update available on your issue.

Thank you for your patience.