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General Questions about Diagram Cloud

We are currently evaluating technology to enable us to deliver Visio and AutoCAD drawings to our customers. These drawings consist mainly of HVAC P&ID diagrams, Network Riser Diagrams, Electrical Wiring Diagrams.

Roughly half our user base requires AutoCAD drawings which we will handle through Azure and the AutoDesks Forge service (a headless AutoCAD in the cloud). For P&ID drawings the approach we’ve taken so far is to upload drawings with a very complex system shown along with a set of instructions that delete objects, move things around, edit text and block attributes in response to configuration choices the customer makes in a web UI. With Network an Wiring diagrams, we again start with complex drawings, prune them and add network and wiring connections. And that works great so far.

We would obviously want to be able to offer the same to our clients who prefer Visio drawings. At first we started by looking at your Aspose.Diagram Cloud offering. But it seems to be very limited in it’s ability to edit. Looking at the Swagger documentation I only see 3 kinds of objects you can draw (line, polyline and ellipse), and I don’t see any way of editing text, deleting shapes, modifying attributes, etc. Am I reading this right or is there something I’ve missed? If this is the case, could we then use the On Premise API to build our own web service using Aspose.Diagram for .NET?


Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Diagram API. Yes, currently we are in process of implementing Asose.Diagram for API(on premise API) features in Aspose.Diagram Cloud API. We have linked your post to the related DIAGRAMCLOUD-99) for updates.

Yes, you can self host Aspose.Diagram for .NET. If you have any query in this regard then please post the query in Aspose.Diagram on premise API forum.

Thanks for answering the part about hosting the Diagram API. There is still the unanswered question “Am I reading this right or is there something I’ve missed?” regarding the current functional limits of the Diagram Cloud offering.


Yes, your understanding is correct. Currently, we only implemented the simplest drawing features from Aspose.Diagram for .NET(on premise API) into Aspose.Diagram Cloud API. We will improve the drawing functions in future as soon as possible.