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Gateway or Not Found Error

We are seeing intermittent timeout errors with API Calls to Aspose Cloud.


Please advise.


We are sorry for the inconvenience

It seems the referenced file would be missing on the cloud storage so you got the exception. However, please share some more details about the issue.

Tilal, this is the same issue that comes up every month or so. Nothing changed on our end, we are calling Aspose using the exact same code we always have. We process hundreds of PDF every day using this same method. Every so often we get timeout errors from Aspose. This is a major concern for us at this point. Our business relies on the Aspose service and it has intermittent errors which just isn’t acceptable. Is there anything you can do to resolve this issue?

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Thanks for your feedback. We are looking into the server logs and will share our findings with you.

We are still seeing intermittent timeout errors. Did the review of the server logs result in any findings?


I am afraid we have not concluded the investigation(PDFCLOUD-2633) yet. We will share an update with you soon. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.