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Free Video Downloader not working anymore?

I know this is a free product but I hope that you can help me anyways.
I just tried to download a Zoom Video by pasting the link. The blue loading circle appears and nothing more happens no matter how long i wait.

Here ist the JS log entry from Dev Tools that gets repeated every few seconds forever:
“method”: “GET”,
“endpoint”: “https://products.aspose.app/html/api/video-grabber?id=bab90a20-f793-4db7-bde6-c59a6b0e5432”,
“result”: {
“lastModifiedDate”: “2022-02-10T10:36:47.9720076+00:00”,
“status”: “pending”,
“statusMessage”: “OK”,
“id”: “bab90a20-f793-4db7-bde6-c59a6b0e5432”,
“links”: null,
“hRef”: null

The same problem occurs with the YouTube Downloader.

Thank you.

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