Formula Evaluation is not working as expected giving wrong result


Hi Team,

I have a workbook with almost 3000 formulas. I am evaluating entire workbook through Aspose.cells (in java frame work with Aspose.cells 7.4.2 licensed version) after writing new inputs to the excel workbook. I observed most of the formulas are getting evaluated after (workbook.calculateFormula method) formula evaluation. But there is a formula which is almost 3 lines inside one of the sheet and referring to multiple sheets for evaluation which I am looking as ultimate output is giving wrong value. Is there any specific reason only few formulas are getting evaluated incorrectly through Aspose.cells where as getting evaluated correctly when I modify the same inputs directly in excel? Is it because of Aspose.Cells old version? Could you please help me out to track where the issue is?



This query is relevant to Aspose Native APIs. I observed you have posted the same query at

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