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FontAwesome ICON while converting HTML to DOCX MAC issue


We are using Aspose.Words for .NET for HTML to DOCX conversion. We are using font awesome css icons in our HTML. When we convert HTML to docx with font embedding it works fine and open as it is on the windows machine. but when we open the same file in MAC it doesn’t look same as windows. Because Word for MAC is not supporting Embedded fonts. Please let us know if any workaround for that.

So, we tried using SVG elements of font awesome is HTML. Aspose converts them well in Images and we can see same output on MAC device as well but the quality of icons is blurred and not as clear.

Please see attached HTML (with css icons) and HTML (with SVG) and its converted docx files.



Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

This is Aspose.Cloud forum, would you please clarify are you using Aspose.Words REST APIs or Native / Downloadable APIs so that we can guide you accordingly.


We are using Aspose.Word for .Net.
Downloaded DLL.


Our Native APIs support team will shortly reply your query at, please follow this thread for further updates.