Font Size Discrepancy in Docker On-Premise DOCX to PDF Conversion

We are using the below docx file for conversion

Aspose Cloud renders correctly:

Aspose On-Premise alters font size during conversion:

It appears that the font size is changing in the on-premise conversion compared to the cloud rendering. We acknowledge the need to add fonts for on-premise. Could you kindly provide guidance on the correct font that should be uploaded to ensure consistent rendering between Aspose Cloud and Aspose On-Premise?
REC_235216134_ILSDE (3).docx (19.1 KB)
cloudGerman.pdf (72.2 KB)
onPremiseGerman.pdf (35.6 KB)


Please note that your input document is using Arial font. It seems your Aspose.Words Cloud Docker image is missing the font and replacing it with DejaVu Sans font. There are two options to resolve the issue in Aspose.Words Cloud Docker Container. Either you can copy custom fonts directly to the /fonts volume or create a custom fonts folder in the /data volume and pass this path as the fontsLocation parameter value in the API call.