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Flatten PDF file fails with Aspose.PDF Cloud API

I have uploaded a PDF form file, and I can view all the Form Fields using the “GetField” rest api call.
but, when I go to flatten the file, it says “Field not found”.

File I am using is attached.

Downloaded_ACORD_129_2009-11.pdf (373.2 KB)

Can anyone help to see why the attached PDF file cannot be flattened using the API?



We would appreciate if you could elaborate your question. Are you want to know why GET /pdf/{name}/fields API is returning “empty fields” in case of a flattened PDF document?
You are looking for Aspose.PDF API to flatten a PDF document.

I am looking to flatten PDF documents.
When I do that with API call “PUT /pdf/{name}/fields/flatten” with the above attached file, I am getting “Field not found” error? Why is this call not flattening the document?


We are able to reproduce the issue on our end. We are investigating this issue (PDFCLOUD-783) and will update you shortly with our findings.

Thanks @sohail.aspose

Hopefully you will have a fix soon.


Yes, we have set the priority of the issue high, and we will let you know here as soon as the issue is fixed.


Thanks for your patience. Please note your above reported issue was fixed in January 2019 release, Aspose.PDF Cloud 19.1.