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Fill PDF form data using Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for PHP and save as a new PDF file

Hi Team,

My client has a large number of PDF files that has data entry controls such as text fields, option fields, checkbox fields and so on. We have a requirement to use PHP and populate these PDF data entry controls programmatically and save as a new pdf file.

The client will tokenize the entry fields using placeholder text. For example: %%CLIENT-NAME%%. We need to write code in PHP to replace this tokenized text with the actual data and save under a different PDF file .

Can you please assist if there is a product available to achieve this? Also we need sample code that can help us evaluate this product.



Thanks for your inquiry. You can find and replace text option for the purpose. Please check replace text PHP tests from Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for PHP.

All you need to sign up with and get free app KEY and SID for getting start. Hopefully it will help you to accomplish the task.