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File size limitation in API Request of Aspose Cloud APIs


What is the file size limitation when sending a request?
In the past, premium and enterprise plans had unlimited file size -

I couldn’t find it on the updated pricing page - so can you clarify the limits today?



We do not impose any limit on the file size when sending a request.

As per our updated policies, we have only one plan which is fair and suits both small and big companies. The rates are applied automatically based on the total size of files in megabytes (MB) that you process in one month. The file size is counted each time you perform a save operation on a document.

For more information regarding our Pricing Plan, please read following articles:

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.


As an update, latest version of Aspose Cloud APIs support max 100 MB file size in request body and every API call consumes 1 credit limit. However, file bigger than 20 MB will consume more credits.