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File Marging taking long time on Azure App Service

While concating 2 PDF files of size 4 mb & 400 mb on local machine it takes 3 min but on Azure App service it takes 10 min. Could you let us know why there is so much difference.

Azure App Service Plan - 8gm RAM, 50 gb HDD
Aspose.PDF Version : 20.9 (c#)

List pdfs = new List();
pdfs.Add(@“C:\Users\gajanan.shinde\AppData\Local\Temp\1ks3togv\cfi_1_claim_form_rev_date_9 July 2020.pdf”);
pdfs.Add(@“C:\Users\gajanan.shinde\AppData\Local\Temp\1ks3togv\400 MB.pdf”);

string[] pdfPaths = pdfs.ToArray();
pdfEditor.Concatenate(pdfPaths, tempDirectory+NewFileName);

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