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Extract Vector image from a PDF file

Hi, I am using aspose pdf in python to process and manipulate pdf objects.
upon reading the documentation, I can’t seem to find any information on how to extract individual vector objects such as icons, shapes, tables, graphs, charts, etc. to individual svg images/png objects.

is there a way to extract these files in a pdf?


We believe that you are using Aspose.PDF for Java. Would you please share your sample PDF document for our reference so that we can check it and share our feedback with you accordingly. In case you are using Aspose.PDF Cloud API, please let us know.

Hi, please see attached pdf file for reference:

Yes, I am using Aspose.PDF Cloud API since it has python support.

I wish to generate inidivudal objects such as shape, icons, charts, tables into separate svg files when extracted
charts_drawings.pdf (64.5 KB)


Please note we try to mimic Adobe Acrobat as closest as possible in the Aspose.PDF. When we try to export images from your sample document using Adobe Acrobat and Aspose.PDF Cloud API I get a single image as follows.

Please test your scenario with Adobe Acrobat and let us know how you can achieve this? So We will further investigate your requirements accordingly.


We don’t need to extract the raster images, what we need is to extract the vector objects inside the pdf page.such as the icon inside the pdf, the table, the charts, and the identified shapes


I am afraid we do not have any such feature at the moment. We have logged a ticket(PDFCLOUD-2389) to investigate and implement your requirements. We will keep you updated about the issue resolution progress within this forum thread. Meanwhile, as already requested above, please share how you achieve this in Adobe Acrobat it will help us to address the issue exactly.