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Extract contents of DOCX/PPTX in Node.js with Aspose Cloud APIs without storage

Hello Aspose Team,

I have a requirement from customer that I shouldn’t upload document to cloud since it is confident.
In this case, I am not able to use cloud API.
Currently is there any other option to use Aspose in NodeJS?

I have to extract content and take screenshot of page (ms word) and screenshot of slide (ppt) in NodeJS.
Documents should present inside client network and shouldn’t be part of cloud.

Could you please support whether it is possible with Aspose?
Based on this feedback, I have to request my manager to procure license.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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If you are not comfortable with Aspose Cloud Storage you may use your own Cloud Storage or third-party storage, for instance, Amazon S3, Azure, Dropbox with Aspose REST APIs. Please check the following article for details: How to Configure 3rd Party Cloud Storages.

Hello Sohail,

Thanks for your reply.
Customer is not ready with any cloud storage as they already storing in common location and don’t want to duplicate in any other location.

Is there any other possibility?


Unfortunately, then Aspose REST APIs would not be a solution.

Thanks again Sohail for your reply.

I agree that it is difficult to use REST APIs, is there any NodeJS module for ASPOSE planned?
Otherwise we need to go for different solution.



Unfortunately, Aspose Native APIs are only offered in .NET, Java and C++. For more help regarding Native APIs, you may write your query at https://forum.aspose.com/. Thanks.