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Export Wordpress post including text styling with Aspose.Words WordPress Plugin


I wanted to export wordpress post into word document using a template, where in the style are preformatted. Is that possible? Can you please send us some guide on how we can do it.


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@macneilco Could you please let us know what Aspose.Words product do you use? Do you use Aspose.Words on-premise API or Aspose.Words WordPress plugin?


Im using Aspose.Words WordPress plugin


We are using an HTML file as a template while exporting the post file. The HTML file is generated by twig templates located in the plugin directory inside templates directory, wp-content/plugins/aspose-doc-exporter/templates/. There are two templates; post.twig is used for single post and posts.twig for multiple posts. You can amend/update the twig files(post.twig/posts.twig) as per your requirements.