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Excel template upload issue for Excel to PDF conversion using Aspose.Cells Cloud API

Hi Aspose’s Support,

I have converted Excel to Pdf as following sample :

I have been noticed that we can’t upload excel template files to Aspose’s Server in 12-July 11:16 GMT+07 to 13-July 04:35 GMT+07 with following error :
Response upload message : {“Message”:“There is not enough space on the disk.\r\n”}

I don’t understand why. With my plan, I will have 10GB storage and I think it can’t get over limit in a short time.
Do you know what wrong with it in that time ?


Hi Chien,

There was no issue with your account. You were receiving this error because of an issue with the service. The issue was resolved. It took a bit longer because of the weekend and it was not reported in forums immediately. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Please let us know if you still notice any issue.

Best Regards,