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Error Occurred when Merging Presentations in Dropbox Storage

request = PresentationsMergeRequest()
request.presentation_paths = ["test.pptx", "BackBone.pptx"]
response = slides_api.merge("MyPresentation.pptx", request, None, "Dropbox")

Trying to get and merge pptx from my dropbox that i linked and i keep getting a path not found error.
HTTP response body: Error processing presentation test.pptx: DropBox Storage exception: path/not_found/.

Thank you for contacting support.

Please note that you pass the Dropbox name to the folder parameter. If you have a DropBox storage linked to your Aspose Cloud account and you want to merge the presentations saved to the DropBox storage, you should specify the storage name to the storage parameter. The folder parameter indicates a path to the folder containing the file MyPresentation.pptx in the storage. The presentation_paths parameter must contain full paths to the presentations to merge in MyPresentation.pptx.

Merging Presentations Saved in Storage
Configure DropBox Storage

API Reference: Merge

I hope this helps you. Please let us know if you are still unable to merge presentations.

Hey they are in my home directory in my dropbox. so should i do “Dropbox/text.pptx” or just"/test.pptx" I’ve tried those as well as many other variations and have had no luck.


Please check the name of your Aspose Cloud storage linked to your DropBox storage.
Let’s say:
MyDropBoxStorage - the name of the Aspose Cloud storage linked to your DropBox storage,
MyFolder1/MyFolder2 - the folder path to MyPresentation.pptx,
MyFolder3/MyFolder4 - the folder path to test.pptx,
MyFolder5/MyFolder6 - the folder path to BackBone.pptx.
(all folders and files must exist in that DropBox storage)

Then your request should look like this:

request = PresentationsMergeRequest()
request.presentation_paths = ["MyFolder3/MyFolder4/test.pptx", "MyFolder5/MyFolder6/BackBone.pptx"]
response = slides_api.merge("MyPresentation.pptx", request, None, "MyFolder1/MyFolder2", "MyDropBoxStorage")

If you are still fail, please share your code example and the error description you are encountering.

ah I see now I was under the impression that it would merge and make a new presentation like it does when you merge from local files. Not that i have to merge already existing presentations
Thank you for the help.

To merge presentations and create a new final presentation, you can use merge_and_save_online method as shown below:

import asposeslidescloud

from asposeslidescloud.apis.slides_api import SlidesApi
from asposeslidescloud.models.presentation_to_merge import PresentationToMerge
from asposeslidescloud.models.ordered_merge_request import OrderedMergeRequest

slides_api = SlidesApi(None, "MyId", "MySecret")

presentation1 = PresentationToMerge()
presentation1.path = "MyFolder1/Test1.pptx"
presentation1.source = "Storage" # indicates that the presentation has been saved in a storage

presentation2 = PresentationToMerge()
presentation2.path = "MyFolder2/Test2.pptx"
presentation2.source = "Storage"

request = OrderedMergeRequest()
request.presentations = [ presentation1, presentation2 ]

slides_api.merge_and_save_online("MyFolder/MyPresentation.pptx", None, request, "MyDropBoxStorage")

The document MyFolder/MyPresentation.pptx will be created in the storage MyDropBoxStorage.

Documents: Merging Presentations from Various Sources into a File in Storage
API Reference: MergeAndSaveOnline

Please note that you can also use