Emf to Png conversion issue


We are trying to use aspose cloud API to convert EMF to PNG.
However after calling the convert API, the result become white blank image.

This is how I call the API using .Net sdk:

var client = new ImagingApi(clientId: "xxxxx", clientSecret: "xxxxx", debug: true);

var uploadFileRequest = new UploadFileRequest("27bafbf3-effa-4a28-babf-6afb3c93ce29.emf", metafileStream);
FilesUploadResult result = client.UploadFile(uploadFileRequest);

var request = new ConvertImageRequest("27bafbf3-effa-4a28-babf-6afb3c93ce29.emf", format, "attachments", storage);
Stream updatedImage = client.ConvertImage(request);

var uploadFileRequest = new UploadFileRequest("27bafbf3-effa-4a28-babf-6afb3c93ce29.png", updatedImage, "Test storage 2");
FilesUploadResult result = client.UploadFile(uploadFileRequest);

Attached is the files:
EmfToPng.zip (1.8 KB)

Any advise on this?

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