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Download Multiple Files from Aspose Internal Storage as Zip File

I am using the post request “/slides/split/pptx” to split a pptx file with multiple slides into many pptx files with one slide each. The result is stored in an internal Aspose cloud storage. Is it possible to download all files at once with an API request?

Thank you for contacting support.

I am working on the question you described and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Could you please specify the Aspose.Slides Cloud API you are using?

I am using the API /slides/{name}/split

The API is working very good in general,

Upload pptx file to internal Aspose cloud storage.
Splitting the pptx file into one ppxt file per slide.

To download the files, I am using the API /slides/storage/file/{path}, but I need to send a GET request per single file, this takes some time.

It would be beneficial to:
Downoad all files at once with one request
Download a zip file

Thank you for the additional information. We will get back to you soon.

It looks like the POST /slides/split/{format} method suits your requirements. It allows to specify a presentation document from a local file and returns a zip file with results. The zip file contains separate files for each slide. Please let us know if you have any difficulties with that method.

Documents: Splitting a Presentation Stored in Local File

This works perfectly. Thanks a lot for your support!

Thank you for your feedback.