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Docx file opening in compatibility mode

I used the ASPOSE cloud api to convert an html file to docx and when I open the docx file in word 2016, it opens in compatibility mode. I’d like the file to open without compatibility mode. Please let me know what I should do.

How can I ensure the converted docx file does not open with compatibility mode? Please let me know if I’m missing anything.


Please note in HTML to DOCX conversion default compliance value is Ecma376_2006 and you need to use Iso29500_2008_Transitional. You can use SaveAs API method with OoxmlSaveOptions for your requirement. Please check following sample request body parameter for reference.

PUT ​/words​/{name}​/saveAs Converts document to destination format with detailed settings and saves result to storage.

  "SaveFormat": "docx",
  "FileName": "text.docx",
  "Compliance": "Iso29500_2008_Transitional",
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Thanks very much for your assistance. I will check it.

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Hi @tilal.ahmad, I tried thiis, but the file is still opening in compatibility mode. Am I missing anything. I’ve attached the source (886 Bytes)


We are sorry for your inconvenience. We have logged a ticket WORDSCLOUD-1235 in our issue tracking system for further investigation and rectification. We will notify you as soon as the issue is resolved.

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hi @tilal.ahmad

Thanks for the response. Please can I know the probable release date for WORDSCLOUD-1235

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We have completed the issue analysis and now will work on its resolution. We will share the ETA with you as soon as we finalize its fix plan.

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