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Did anything change in QR code API?

I am using this code to read QR codes from C#:
using (Stream image = File.Open(fileName, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))

                BarcodeResponseList recognized = api.PostBarcodeRecognizeFromUrlOrContent(
                    new PostBarcodeRecognizeFromUrlOrContentRequest(
                        image: image,
                        preset: PresetType.HighPerformance.ToString(),
                        // Scan QR codes
                        type: DecodeBarcodeType.QR.ToString()

Until recently it worked, but now I can’t read anything.

Did something change?


I have tested the scenario with Aspose.BarCode Cloud 22.7 release and unable to notice any issue. Please share your more details of the issue along with your sample image. We will look into the issue and will guide you accordingly.