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Creating new Excel Workbook issue with Aspose.Cells Cloud API


i am using link :

when passing name as parameter to this function : CreateNewWorkbookUsingDeferentMethods, i need to have the file already created on the cloud? is there any way to create a file if it does not exist on the cloud?

Amey Sawant

Hi Amey,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support.

Please note, the method CreateNewWorkbookUsingDeferentMethods actually demonstrates the full potential of Workbook Resource from Aspose.Cells for Cloud service. If you only wish to create a new spreadsheet on cloud storage, please use the following URI with HTTP command PUT. I have also attached an executable sample application (in an archive) here for your reference. You only need to update the AppSID & AppKey variables at the start of the Main method from console application.