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Correct syntax to exclude Aspose Cloud storage folders from auto deletion

In the Manage Storage => Update Storage area I am able to list folders to be long-lived, they will not be cleared out.

This is a text box labeled Dont clear folders:

I am wondering what syntax is required to list multiple folders.
Perhaps this field should be comma separated, or newline separated?


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

The development of this feature is in progress and will be completed by next week. The final layout of Update Storage screen will be as follows:

We will update you here as soon as the feature is implemented.

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Has this been implemented?


Yes, the feature has been implemented. But it is only available to paid users:

Is there any documentation for this?

Is the regex for the folder name? Or the file names? Does it affect all subfolders?


The RegEx applies to every file or folder whose name/path match to the regular expression given in the field.

Does it affect all subfolders?

Yes, if a RegEx match to a parent folder, “Don’t clear folders” policy will apply to all its subfolders.