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Converting XLSX to PDF throws timeout error

Starting a few hours ago, we started receiving these errors when converting relatively small excel documents (less than 500k) to PDF.


“Error calling CellsSaveAsPostDocumentSaveAs: The request timed-out.”
“Error calling CellsWorksheetsDeleteWorksheets: The operation has timed out”

When I was testing the same operations approx 16 hours before this, it appeared to be working fine. It’s occurring in all of our environments so I believe I’ve ruled out it being a code issue. Would you be able to verify that the Cells Cloud API isn’t having any issues?

EDIT: We’ve done some testing with smaller files and are find that anything about about 125kb is triggering a timeout.


Could you provide the email that is login in https://dashboard.aspose.cloud?
We will try to check the issues from logs.

I believe the email/account login we’re using is asposeadmin@pulte.com


Amazon had internet connectivity problems these days.
We had reset it. Please try it.
If you still face the issues, please inform us ASAP