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Converting Pdf Stream to docx stream returns file with black overlays around the text

i got the conversion to work from pdf to docx but the file that is returned has black bars around them. The file also uploaded to the aspose storage looks weird for example, please view the file i uploaded below.

this is the code im using to get the word file. its in .NET

 var resultFileName = $"{Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(file.FileName)}.docx";
            var fileStream = file.OpenReadStream();
            await _asposePdfApi.PutPdfInRequestToDocAsync(Path.Combine("", resultFileName), file: fileStream, format: "docx");
            var response = await _asposePdfApi.DownloadFileAsync(resultFileName);                
  return response;

Can anyone please help me figure out what im doing wrong with this?

please find the input pdf file below as well
resume_tester.pdf (64.6 KB)

resume_tester (1).docx (57.1 KB)


Please share the input PDF document as well. It will help us reproduce the issue and investigate it.

ive updated the issue with the pdf document. thanks!

hey i have uploaded the input pdf document. thanks so much for the help


You can set the mode parameter value to ‘flow’ to remove the rectangle around the text(paragraph). It will help you accomplish the requirement. If there is some difference between your query and my understanding, then please share some screenshots to elaborate on the issue.