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ConvertDocumentRequest doc to docx

I have an error in this code, really no idea why

error: KeyError: ‘RequestId’

import os
import asposewordscloud
from asposewordscloud import models
import asposewordscloud.models.requests
from shutil import copyfile

client_id = ‘xxx’
client_secret = ‘xxx’

words_api = asposewordscloud.WordsApi(client_id,client_secret)

convert_request = models.requests.ConvertDocumentRequest(document=open(‘input.doc’, ‘rb’), format=‘docx’)
convert_response = words_api.convert_document(convert_request)

copyfile(convert_response, ‘output.docx’)

Please, how can I fix it?


We are investigating the issue. Meanwhile, can you please also share your input document?

Yes, I was trying to convert file like input.doc in zip belowinput.doc.zip (64.4 KB)


Thanks for sharing the input file. I have tested the scenario using the latest version of the Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Python and have been unable to find any issues. Please ensure you are using the latest version of the Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Python.

words_api = asposewordscloud.WordsApi(client_id,client_secret)

inputFileName = 'C:/Temp/input.doc'
outputFileName = 'C:/Temp/output.docx'
#Convert Document without cloud storage
request = asposewordscloud.models.requests.ConvertDocumentRequest(document=open(inputFileName, 'rb'), format='docx')
result = words_api.convert_document(request)