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Convert Word Document to PDF with custom fonts using Aspose.Words Cloud API

We plan to use Aspose Cloud to convert word documents to pdf and our word documents contain many non-system and licensed fonts. We tried basic words for cloud word2pdf convert examples and our fonts don’t seem to be processed correctly. Is it possible to render custom fonts correctly when using words for Cloud to convert word documents to pdf by sending ttf files with the document or any other way? Thanks for your great product.


Thank you for contacting technical support. Could you please share a sample Word document in this forum thread? It would be great if you can list down the required fonts. We will take a closer look and guide you accordingly.

Any solution identified? Please share the same here. We are trying to use Knockout font in our word document and word2pdf it doesn’t seem to be working right. Appreciate any help in this regard.


Thanks for your inquiry. You can use your custom fonts for the conversion. First, you need to upload your custom fonts to some cloud storage folder and then pass the fonts folder path in the request using fontsLocation parameter. Please check the API for more details, it will help you to accomplish the task.!/Convert/GetDocumentWithFormat

Please note the fontsLocation parameter is available across all Aspose.Words for Cloud Conversion APIs.

Thanks for your quick response. What are all the fonts that are supported by Aspose by default. Because when tried it with Helvetica ttf files, the conversion worked both with and without loading files in the cloud storage. Please let us if Helvetica is one of the fonts that Aspose supports by default? Appreciate your help in this regard.


Thanks for your inquiry. Please check following API to get available fonts at Aspose Cloud Server for document rendering. Please note at first place Aspose Cloud API uses fonts embedded in the source document for rendering. Helvetica font will be embedded in your source document.!/Fonts/GetAvailableFonts