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Convert Slides to PNG with Amazon S3 storage using Aspose.Slides Cloud API

Hi we are an aspose cloud api customer on the starter plan. We need assistance converting slides to png… the call fails with a message about the s3 bucket name being blank.


Can you please share your code, the development language/platform you are using and a sample file to reproduce the issue?

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Muhammad – thanks for the reply. we actually figured out the problem. The cloud api documentation for the slides splitDocument call is incorrect.

destFolder POST
string Query string
Folder on storage where images are going to be uploaded. If not specified then images are uploaded to same folder as presentation.

This is incorrect… as we did not specify a destFolder on the call to split document expecting it to use the same s3 folder as the source document. Once we specified the destFolder in the post params our slide deck was split successfully.

We’ve noticed lots of incorrect info in the cloud api docs FYI. Great service… just might need to clean up the API docs a bit!


Hi Tori,

It is good to know that you have figured it out. destFolder is an optional parameter and your call should work without it also. You can find the download URI of output files in the response stream as you can see in splitDocument example.

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