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Convert PowerPoint Presentation to SVG with Aspose.Slides Cloud REST API

I’m testing a number of files with drawings. Some work just fine, but some only show a black rectangle instead of the drawing. You can find an example here

UPDATE: I just realized it isn’t just a black rectangle. All the drawing elements are there, but they are hidden behind a black rectangle.


We are able to reproduce the issue on our end and trying to fix it at the earliest. The issue has been logged in our internal tracking software as SLIDESCLOUD-420.

@sohail.aspose I can see that the issue status is blocked, can you please let me know what’s happening with the issue? Is there a work around that allows us to prepare the files before we upload them to aspose cloud?


Aspose.Slides REST APIs are basically a wrapper around Aspose.Slides .NET APIs. The issue you reported is in native APIs so once we able to fix that issue, the attached JIRA task will automatically resolve.

We will update you here as soon as the issue is fixed.


Thanks for your patience. We have already resolved your reported issue. Please try latest release of Aspose.Slides Cloud for the fix.