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Convert PDF to HTML API output issue using Aspose.Words Cloud API

I have adapted a postman example to convert a document from pdf to html, and the call seems to be successful, but i cannot locate the converted file. In the logs I am seeing this: 02/05/2018 3:19 PM ConverterPOK pdf Success: Convert document to the format specified on-line… format ‘html’,url ‘Raup.pdf’,outPath ‘Raup.html’ but Raup.html is nowhere to be found. Is the call actually successful?

I have attempted to make 2 other adjusted calls and I am variously getting Authentication Failed and Startxref not found. I am doing the calls in postman. Thanks.


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

I believe this issue is related to this topic. We have shared an updated Postman example there, please test the example and do let us know if you face any problem.


In addition to the above reply, please note when you set outPath parameter for output path, then the API saves output file to your cloud storage. If you have set outPath to “Raup.html” then please find it on root of cloud storage.