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Convert MSG to EML in SharePoint Online using Aspose.Email Cloud

We use SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 for document management as well as for clients to access specific emails on their own external SharePoint site. However, we want to store the emails on the external sites as EML files rather than MSGs for ease of opening up on more devices without having to rely on having Outlook.

The solution is to convert the emails from MSG to the more open EML file type before the email is saved on to the client’s external SharePoint site. This appears to be possible using Aspose.Email Cloud or Aspose.Total Cloud.

Could you please provide more details and confirm whether this is indeed possible?



Can you please confirm if you are looking for support in Aspose.Email for .NET or Aspose.Email for Cloud. For Cloud related inquiries, you may request for details in Apsose.Email for Cloud support forum or I may move this post to the respective forum based on your confirmation.

Thanks for your reply. We would want to be able to convert the files once they are already in SharePoint in the cloud


I am sorry for inconvenience. As far as Aspose.Email for .NET/Java are concerned, they are stand alone APIs capable of converting MSG file or stream to EML and vice versa. For cloud related question, I am moving this thread to Aspose.Email for Cloud support forum, where concerned team will assist you further.


Yes, you can convert MSG stream to EML stream using Aspose.Email Cloud and proceed as per your workflow. First, you need to signup with and then get the credentials to use Aspose.Email Cloud.

EmailCloud emailApi = new EmailCloud(ClientSecret,ClientId);
var request = new EmailConvertRequest
    FromFormat = "Msg",
    ToFormat = "Eml",
    File = new MemoryStream(File.ReadAllBytes("C:/Temp/appointment.msg"))
var response = emailApi.Email.Convert(request);
Console.WriteLine("Expected response type is Stream: " + response.Length.ToString());
var fileStream = System.IO.File.Create("C:/Temp/appointment.eml");

Thanks for your reply. I have now sorted out the issue by purchasing Aspose.Email for on premise.

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