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Convert Microsoft Word document to PDF using Aspose.Words REST API renders bullets incorrectly


In some cases, MS-word Bullets displays as a clock when generating PDF. Can you provide information on why it is happening? this issue started in the last 2 weeks and didn’t happen before.

Thank you.


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

The issue is because of a missing font symbol.ttf (46.9 KB) on the Production server. We are deploying the font to the Production server.

If you are looking for an immediate fix, please upload symbol.ttf font to the Cloud Storage and append fontsLocation parameter to the API URL with its value set to the path of the custom font. The cURL example will look as follows:

curl -v " Description Template.docx/saveAs?fontsLocation=Symbol" \
-d '{"SaveFormat":"pdf", "FileName": "Position Description Template.pdf"}' \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer E69aetfC9JqHo-aXX823s1FwFXpMzgpEjtvV82tqU-pvg0hZnOtyaEHVCSa5fjbCCjvth0ArFUn-q0LQjvlV1RinyKXIE7ydAoDQhUYw6refUm9IaiNXPr6CcPAAee-r98BcTCOwywkOfrW_9VqXDKt-ypoFbXLL86emx4W-YVS9_M2GA_LlFAMLVc68IN8bLlX6gY84TiHUsn0Ry5DlcZpEhU4fRL6DTbOoGnJskvCSHxnTWH0s92gfBmAmV4KalB--Jjd4lgqEc8OkwbVkLHL_qpe4pO39y521IsL8In4fQjnaVdNSYIQJSRHMr18DxEq20rde7_wT0tuD03lPMdK8MTLno9RSPswYgzaZa5jsO1tsGIwoykgbXWbaP49AW-ht7_1HeXUMPiCVbnSOPs71jRtWpaw35Qb29LIwQmiqP7P-iq8BkP20xQ59hyU0bNSUJMch8Euxo_Lm6B1ySSrS1kdyxFGRWLdWhtS61GKjaD7d"

The Cloud Storage would look as follows after uploading the symbol.ttf font:

We hope it helps.


When do you estimate it will be deployed on the production server?


We have deployed the symbol.ttf font to the Production server. You may verify with the following document:

Input Document: (23.5 KB)
Output Document: Lists.pdf (47.8 KB)

Is the symbol.tff in the new v4.0? We try to convert word to PDF and all the symbol are corrupted.

Also, we use to check and not seeing it.


Please upload your custom/missing fonts(symbol.ttf) to a cloud Font folder and pass its path in fontsLocation parameter. Please check following cURL example, it will help you to accomplish the task.

curl -X GET "" 
-H "accept: application/octet-stream" 
-H "Authorization: Bearer [Access_Token]" 
-H "x-aspose-client: Containerize.Swagger"

Hi Tilal,

Thanks! We will give it a try.

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