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Convert Microsoft Word document to PDF API file size limit of Aspose.Words REST API

What are the current file size limits on each plan for Aspose.Clouds? Specifically around generating PDF from Word?

I know this was something you guys were working on increasing in the past.

Hi Harrison,

Thanks for your inquiry. Please Sign In to your Aspose clouds account and click the upgrade plan link. You will see the detail of each plan.

Thanks - can you tell me what the plans are to increase this? I.e., we ideally need to support 30-40mb files.

Hi Harrison,

Thanks for your inquiry. You can choose Enterprise Plans. Max file size (In & Out in 1 operation) is 20MB - 100MB.

The plans only say a max of 20mb, even Enterprise. Is there a special way to get this update if we upgrade?

Hi Harrison,

Thank you for your email and interested in Aspose for Cloud services.

In order to gain access to the larger file size limits you would need to upgrade to our entry level Enterprise plan called Enterprise Basic. You can find details of the pricing here.

You can upgrade by logging in to and selecting 'Upgrade Plan’

Are you able to provide a percentage of documents that will be > 30MB - 40MB? This will give us an idea of your increased usage.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks.


Please note, now Aspose.Words Cloud API Version 4.0 supports to upload file upto 100MB.