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Convert HTML to Word Document with reference URL issue with Aspose.Words RESTful API


HTML to word conversions are failing since last 2 days using API.
The conversion fails if the HTML has reference to any URL. I am attaching a (961 Bytes)
The conversion works fine if we remove the URL reference.

Could you please look into this on priority as it is impacting our Live product.

Anticipating a prompt response from your end.

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Hi Team,

This is a live issue with our application. Plz help us in resolving this at the earliest.


We apologize for the inconvenience. We are trying to resolve this issue on the priority basis.

Hi Team,

Could you please provide an estimated time/date as to when we can expect this issue to be resolved. This live issue is affecting a major feature of our application and is hampering our customers.

Request you to please resolve this at the earliest.


Hi Team,

Are there any updates on this?

Our customers have been affected by this live issue for the last 2 days and it is really imperative that we get this fixed asap.

Request to please provide an estimated time for resolving this issue,

Looking forward to a prompt reply from you.



We are aware of your concern. We are trying hard to diagnose the issue and will update you here as soon as we able to fix the issue.

The issue is logged in our internal tracking software as WORDSCLOUD-632.

Hi Sohail,

Could you please provide an update on this issue?


We are confident that we will be able to fix the issue by tomorrow.

Hi, can you please update us as soon as this issue is resolved - for the last 5 days we have live customers that have been affected due to this issue.

Hi, Can you please update on the status of this issue.

How much more time do you need for this. And in the meanwhile can you suggest any alternate remedy for this issue. We are happy to consider it as this is affecting the main feature of our live app.



We have fixed the issue and now we are deploying the fix to the production. In the next few hours, you can test the API on your end.


Sure we will check it again in sometime.


It would also help If you can post here once the fix is deployed to production.



Sure, we will.

Hi Team,

Any update on this.


We have a live demo today. It has been multiple days this issue is there in live.

We can’t afford to wait any longer. Plz update on the status for this.

Hi, we now also have upgraded to paid Developer Support, which is active now and expires on November 19, 2019 - we have been told by the Aspose sales team to inform you of this on this thread.
Can you please provide an update on when this issue will be deployed to production today so we are able to test?
We currently have live customers that are being affected by this issue.

@RBIEGTechTeam @abhisheknew

The issue has been fixed. Would you please test the API now.

This is the output file I generated using your input file:

Hi Team,

We checked the api and the issue is not resolved. We have embedded images in our html (src=“…truncated”>)

Issues 1 and 2 have been fixed by you and released into production today. However, issue 3 has not been fixed and is still a live issue.

All these issues were introduced on 13th November and are still affecting our live customers.

Could you please get your team to investigate the root cause of the second issue, provide a fix and release to production as soon as possible. Could you also please give us frequent updates on the investigation and resolution to this issue as we would need to provide updates to our business and affected customers.