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Convert HTML to PDF using Aspose.PDF REST API

Hi Tilal,


When I use
GET ​/pdf​/storage​/{storageName}​/exist
This now correctly indicates that the storages exist. Which is good.

However, if I use
PUT /pdf​/{name}​/create​/html
GET ​/pdf​/create​/html
I get the error:
TypeError: Failed to fetch
Here’s an example URL:

If I use
​GET /pdf​/create​/web
using this URL:
The first couple of times I called this, the API took many minutes then returned 502 (Bad Gateway)
After that I kept seeing: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.
Now when I call any of the above methods, after many minutes, I get a timeout.

However, If I call
GET https://api.aspose.cloud/v3.0/pdf/
I get this:
Status: “Product is working fine!”


We are investigating the reported issues and will update you shortly.


It seems some HTML file related issue as at my end both APIs throw the same error. Initially timeout error and if I increase the timeout value then 502 error. I have logged the following tickets for further investigation. We will share an update with you asap.

PDFCLOUD-2108: GetWebInStorageToPdf API throws 502/times out error
PDFCLOUD-2109: PutHtmlInStorageToPdf API throws 502/times out error