Convert Dynamic XFA Form to Standard AcroForm


I would like to convert a dynamic XFA form to a standard Acroform. I believe this can be achieved via the Java SDK based on the following post.

How can I do this with the Aspose.PDF cloud API? Ideally would like a sample in python but can work with any language.



Thanks for contacting Aspose Support.

At present, “Dynamic XFA Form conversion to Standard AcroForm” feature is not available in Aspose.Pdf for Cloud. I am communicating with our Product team to enquire how long they would take to provide this feature in Aspose.Pdf for Cloud.

Since Aspose Cloud APIs are a wrapper around native APIs, it should not take much time. I will update you here once I have some information from the Product team.


Your requested feature is supported in Aspose.PDF Cloud now. Please check following documentation page for more details.

Convert XFA-based PDF Forms to PDF with AcroForm