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Convert DOCX to PDF in PHP with Aspose.Words REST API reliability issue


I am using the Startup Plan for Aspose for Cloud. We have embedded PHP code to call on your REST API to convert .docx files (created locally on the server) to PDF files via your webservice.

Your solution is the only available solution which can create 100% accurate PDF files from DOCX, coming from a Linux server (Linux = no office = no local reliable way to convert).

However, our customers have been complaining that the last 2 weeks, the REST API is very slow and, due to that, times out quite often, thereby creating empty/half PDF files.

Since I am paying for your service, and am very content with it, I’m not sure whether this behavior is acceptable. Our application is critical to our customers.

Therefore I am sending you this serious request to investigate this issue and/or inform me of options available to increase the reliability of your service. Otherwise I will have to start looking into alternatives, reluctantly.

Hi Wouter,

Speed is not an issue. There is another issue which is affecting PHP customers only. The signature generated by Sign method for PHP platform is a bit different from other platforms and sometimes Aspose for Cloud service rejects that signature.

We are investigating the issue in detail and it will be fixed soon. We will keep you updated on this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for the reply. Please keep me posted on the progress of this issue. I’d like to test along to see any improvements.



What is the status of this issue? Performance is degrading on a daily basis and this issue needs to be fixed this week… My clients are starting to pose deadlines. If this issue remains any longer, they will cease their subscriptions which will cost me my business.

Sorry to keep pushing but this is a major, major issue for me.

Hi Wouter,

The issue has been fixed. Please check at your end and let us know if you still see any issue. Also, it is better to upgrade to latest version of Sign method from Utils.php file at

Best Regards,


Seems promising, thanks for replying. I want to test and upgrade but I seem to be on an older version of the PHP SDK (version unknown).
In my scripts, I am including:


and then:

SaasposeApp::$AppSID = “”;
SaasposeApp::$AppKey = “”;

SaasposeApp::$OutPutLocation = $path;
$mainDocumentFile = $path . “/” . $filename . “.docx”;

//create Document object
$doc = new WordDocument("");
$result = $doc->ConvertLocalFile($mainDocumentFile, $filename . “.pdf” ,“pdf”);

This doesn’t seem to work anymore with the latest version from github, since //saaspose/saaspose.php’ does not exist anymore… Where can I find a complete PHP example?


Hi Wouter,

You can still test with the old code. If you want to use latest version of the SDK, you can check PHP SDK example from or Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP unit tests for reference.

Best Regards,