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Convert CSV to Microsoft Excel / ODS in PHP with Aspose.Cells REST API

Currently I’m creating .xlsx files via phpexcel, but I’m running into the problems with this solution so I’m looking for an alternative. I’d like to use aspose cell cloud to create the file, but I can’t find a call that allows me to post a “text array” (in json, cvs, etc.) and then get it back as a .xslx file. Writing a cell at a time will be too slow–the excel files I’m creating are 150,000 rows (or more) x 6 columns.

I’m trying to generate clean, multi-sheet excel files the user can just download.

Is there a solution to this via aspose cloud?

Hi Ken,

Thank you for considering Aspose APIs.

I believe you are looking for some mechanism to either import or post CSV data to Worksheet cells so that you could create single spreadsheet from several CSV files. If I am correct in my understanding then I am afraid the current implementation of Aspose.Cells for Cloud service does not support such feature. However, we have logged a feature request with Id SAASCELLS-153 in our database to analyze the feasibility of this feature and provide implementation in future. As soon as we have made significant progress towards implementing the requested feature, we will share the ETA here.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as SAASCELLS-153) have been fixed in this update.

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As an update, now Aspose.Cells Cloud API supports a number of options to import data into an excel worksheet. Please check shared documentation link for details.

  • Import Batch Data into Worksheet
  • Import Double Array into Worksheet
  • Import Integer Array into Worksheet
  • Import String Array into Worksheet
  • Import CSV Data into Worksheet