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Convert, create and merge Word Documents in Ruby using Aspose.Words Cloud REST API throwing System.OutOfMemoryException


We’re getting 400 Bad Request from the aspose_words_cloud gem, version 19.2

Looking at our Usage panel, I’m seeing the following errors:

Error: Error while loading file 'document' from storage: The type initializer for '   ' threw an exception. => Error while loading file 'document' from storage: The type initializer for '   ' threw an exception. => The type initializer for '   ' threw an exception. => Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.. Method: Export the document from request into the specified format on-line.. Parameters: format 'pdf',outPath '',documentFileName 'sourceFilename'
  1. A 400 seems like the wrong status to return from the API - it should be a 500
  2. Is there anything to do to remediate this?


Thanks for your inquiry. I have tested the Ruby SDK at my end and unable to notice any issue. We will appreciate it if you please confirm which API method are your using and your sample input document as well. We will look into the issue and will guide you accordingly.

Furthermore, please note, recently we have also released a new improved API Version V4. You can check the changes in new releases and try updated Ruby SDK.

We are having the same problem, I can confirm it is an issue.
Please review the usage logs of the customers who have raised tickets about this so far @tilal.ahmad


Please check now, we have redeployed the fresh containers for API Version 1.1. It should work now.

We strongly recommend to use new improved API Version V4 in terms of memory management and API structure. The SDKs >19.2 are using API Version V4, you can check release tab for the changes in later SDK versions.

Thank you @tilal.ahmad for the update; it looks like redeployment of the container resolved this issue for us.

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